Punctuation Changes Meaning

Maybe you’re slapping your forehead right now, saying “duh!” or even “der!”

You’re likely thinking,

This is SO OBVIOUS. At least explain semi-colons to me or something else useful.

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7 Words You Need to Stop Capitalizing

Thank you, Huff Post, for putting a conversation I have almost daily (sometimes with actual people, sometimes in my head) in writing.

Please share any annoying words or phrases that you’ve found capitalized in the comments.

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Do Your Participles Dangle?

In my career as a proofreader and editor, I see these all the time. Heck, I’m sure I even write them now and again. If “dangling participle” (or “dangling modifier”) isn’t a phrase you hear very often–few of us do–then let me give you a few examples from the University of Bristol’s website:

1.) Driven to drink by her problems, we see how Janet will come to a sticky end.

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