Until, Till, ‘Til, or ‘Till?

’Till is entirely shunned by the writers of usage guides, when they see fit to mention it at all. Bryan Garner, in his Modern American Usage, refers to it as “abominable” …

Intrigued? I saw this post on Merriam-Webster the other day, and, because it’s something I’ve often wondered about, I thought I’d share it here:

 We often find that people will ask how they should write until if they don’t want to use that actual word; should it instead be till or ’til? Or, for the orthographically adventurous, is ’till a reasonable choice?

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Don’t Beat Yourself Up, We All Make Them

Last night I missed a typo. Yes, me, the Typo Terminator. Can you believe it? It was a last-minute project, I’d already concentrated for a full day, and I only had time to do one read-through.

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