The Death of Creativity

Really enjoyed this post on the thorn in every writer’s side: writer’s block. This blog has good advice for ways to overcome that blockage–and reminds us that we all suffer because of it from time to time.


Writer’s block. It happens to all of us. This plank of wood drops, creates a barrier between the parts of our brain that holds the creativity, and the rest of our body. The words do not work. This applies to any kind of creative talent; there’s a block that exists, and if you’re unlucky, it’ll affect you a lot.

I get writer’s block. I get writer’s block really badly. I get days where I sit at the computer, coffee in hand, notebook beside me, fairy lights sparkling for ambience, chill music in the ears… and I just. Can’t. Write. I might sit for two hours, and not a single word will pass my fingers. It just happens.

Here, we’re going to explore five ways to combat writer’s block.

  1. Spring Cleaning

You know that one cupboard designated to house all the junk you bought, but you’re not so sure you need?…

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