Score Yourself …

… on these wonderfully fun grammar quizzes! Are you an aspiring or actual grammar nerd? Then these tests are for you.

Get those syntactic neurons fired up:

1.) A punctuation quiz from Connecticut Community Colleges.

2.) Another (pretty nitpicky) punctuation test from Northern Illinois University.

3.) Here’s the “advanced” grammar test from Teacher Problems, if you’re brave.

4.) One from Daily Writing Tips that starts off with a who/whom question. The nerve!

5.) And last, one from Exam English that was originally intended for non-native English speakers. But don’t underestimate them–many speakers who had to learn English from the ground up can easily out-nerd your average American.

If you’d like, post especially tricky questions–or questions you find especially easy–in the comments. Heck, you can even post your score for bragging–or pouting–purposes.



13 thoughts on “Score Yourself …

  1. I couldn’t help it, I did tests one through four, and on the first two, I missed two. In both cases, I legitimately messed up the first, and brain-farted the second. I aced the third test (yay!). The fourth test kicked my butt. I haven’t thought of predicates in a hundred years. This was fun, but now my brain hurts. I might have broken something ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I actually just glanced at the fourth test–will definitely take it now that you mentioned predicates! As for brain aches, those can be good sometimes, can’t they?


  2. I hope you don’t mind, but I just reposted “Score Yourself” on my blog. I enjoyed the quizzes, and the subject matter relates to an issue that I’ve written about tonight regarding excessive use of pronouns in one of my old poems. Thank you, Linda

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