No, Not Meteorology, Metrology

And no, it isn’t the science of metrosexuals. Nor is it a sister store to Anthropologie. I ran into this word while doing some editing the other day and almost corrected it to “meteorology.” Thankfully I didn’t, or I would have looked pretty ignorant–and incapable of using a dictionary (of course, in my head: “Ha! How could they spell ‘meteorology’ wrong … and ten different times in the same document?”).

Onto definitions. Metrology is:

1:  the science of weights and measures :  the science of measurement
2:  a system of weights and measures
And guess what? It’s a word that gets used!
“Ben Singer, a 3D scanning specialist at Woking-based Physical Digital, has graduated from the world’s first and only foundation degree in Metrology with a Distinction.”
“But even old hands in the Fluid Metrology Group were surprised last fall when they were called into a dispute over the metrics of maple sap.”
And finally,
“Minister of Industry and Mines Abdessalem Bouchouareb stressed Wednesday in Algiers the bill on the national metrology system will help strengthening national sovereignty and promote industrial competitiveness.”

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