Not All Advice Is Good Advice

“Don’t worry about even reasonably correct grammar. My market wouldn’t know the difference.”

— Roberta Rosenberg (@CopywriterMaven) November 29, 2016

This entertaining article from pores over the worst writing and content marketing advice of 2016. Here’s another gem:

write as much content as you can.” A plumber doesn’t need to publish 3 blog posts a week, nor does the world want them to.

— Rae Hoffman (@sugarrae) November 29, 2016

Ever heard the term negativity bias?

Briefly stated, it means that we’re wired to notice things that suck far more than things that rock.

I had a hilarious (and productive) example of this when I asked this question on Twitter:

(Apologies for the truncated words! #becauseTwitter)

I got more than enough replies to fill my podcast episode. In fact, I got so many good answers that I wanted to compile them for you here … in the spirit of encouraging you to leave unhelpful advice behind as we march forward into 2017. I asked our editorial team to chime in with their favorites as well.

And of course, I would love it if you’d leave a comment below with your favorite “not so helpful” bit of writing advice.

So here’s a compilation of bad advice, gathered from you.

Dumbing it down

I started thinking about bad advice while reading Jason Miller’s excellent article on The Great Goldfish Attention Span Myth — and Why It’s Killing Content Marketing.

Jason took a look at the oft-repeated advice that “humans now have a lower attention span than goldfish.” He discovered that it wasn’t supported by evidence (which shouldn’t really surprise us), and argues that too many content marketers are pandering to minds that aren’t as fractured as we assume.

Read the article in its entirety here.


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