Does the Internet Create Bad Writers?

Interesting post. Do you agree? Does the internet create bad writers?



Today, while everyone in the house was asleep, I decided to check my profile on Wattpad. During my internet lurking, I looked at a popular writer’s profile. This writer has three books listed on the hot list, so when I went to read their story, I thought it would be well written. Sadly, not to my surprise, I was wrong. Dead wrong.


The first paragraph of the story contained a run-on sentence. In fact, the whole paragraph was a run-on. Needless to say, the first chapter was mostly badly written dialogue and little exposition. To protect the writer, I won’t mention names or titles, but the story has over 2.3M reads. And all of the sequels have between 200-500K reads.

My reaction to that:


When I went to the writer’s profile again and read her comments, I saw she was offering an editing service. Not only that, but she was…

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