SEO? You’ve Come to the Right Post

Remember way back when people thought that repeating the same word or phrase as many times as possible was the answer to becoming Google’s number one search result?

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I remember being paid by one personal injury lawyer-cum-SEO expert to write this type of content circa 2010. I’ll have to dig it up and share it in a later post (Hint: It involves the nonsensical insertion of “vulva cancer lawyer” into every other sentence of an article).

For today, I’ll share a fellow copywriter’s post about how SEO actually works in 2016:

If you’re anything like me, you’re a writer—not one of those tech-savvy Internet people who seem to know anything and everything about the World Wide Web.

Fortunately, my work as a freelance blogger rarely requires that I know the difference between a “relational database” and a “drive-by download.”

That said, there is one sector of the tech world with which bloggers would be wise to familiarize themselves—search engine optimization (SEO). Don’t get me wrong—to maintain professional integrity, I make it abundantly clear to my blogging clients that I’m not an SEO specialist.

Still, seeing as how search is the most common way people discover new content, it’s important that the bloggers who produce much of it have an idea of what they can do to help out.

To begin doing this, I recommend downloading an on-site SEO checklist or two for personal use.

From there, if you’re still struggling to make sense of things, the below tips will be simple enough to have you immediately producing more SEO-friendly blog posts:

1) Consider the ‘Write Like You Talk’ Method

I’ve always branded myself as a “Write Like You Talk” copywriter, and with good reason—not only do people enjoy reading blog posts that sound like they’re written by a close friend or family member, but search engines do, too.

Almost seems too simple to be truth, doesn’t it?

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