To Beat a Grammarian: Commas (Part Two)

Good read on commas.

Tim Learn

To Beat a Grammarian: Commas (Part Two)


You can read Strunk & White and other books of the sort, but when it comes down to it, commas are frustrating. Every writer uses them differently. Some clutter it up; others go light and sparse with them—ask Hemingway. But certain usages are needed, not just for pauses, but clarity. In this round, we’re still dealing with the basics. In other words, the must-do’s of comma work.

Transition words

Most of the time, these words or phrases act as a transition, so I’m labeling it thus, as do certain grammar books. Mainly, what this is talking about is the type of long or short clauses appended to the front of a sentence, like the first two in this paragraph. These clauses are there to smooth out writing and connect ideas. Unfortunately, some writers don’t slip in the commas to make things clearer. For…

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