Let’s Play the Johnny Depp Typo Game!

I found this article so entertaining, I thought it would be a shame if I let it slip by without using it as a didactic tool. Here’s how it works: I create typos in the original article, and you catch them. Then you check your answers in the non-typo-ridden version at the bottom of the page.

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“I Write Because…”: Six Bloggers on Finding Inspiration for Their Sites

You know that blogging is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website … but you don’t know what to write/feel embarrassed to write/don’t think you have anything worth writing.

Read what inspires the bloggers below to light a fire under your behind.


We often hear from members of the WordPress.com community who tell us how their sites came to be — and what drives them to continue publishing. Here are six bloggers, both veteran and new, explaining their passion in their own words.

Feminine Vestige

What inspires me as a blogger is the ability to reach people on a real and fundamental level that I can’t do in my everyday life. I wrote a poem in response to a Daily Prompt about feminism. It was very personal and I felt powerful and vulnerable while I wrote it. I received a comment on it that validated every single reason why I wanted to start blogging in the first place. A man commented, “I may not be a woman, but having read what you have written, I feel I am, or should be, a feminist.” It was my proudest blogging moment.

Cappuccino Connected


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Suck at Writing Quality Content?

1. Use real words. Is your website or blog littered with revolutionary, value-added, impactful, cutting-edge, best-of-breed, mission-critical words designed to leverage and synergize the current paradigm? Words like that are the chemical additives of business writing: Maybe one or two used sparingly won’t matter much, but too many will poison your content. Forget the buzzwords, […]

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I must have misplaced my modifier.

Funny and pithy little blog on misplaced modifiers. Definitely worth a share–and a read.

Meg Sorick, Writer

Good grammar and spelling can make or break an otherwise wonderful piece of writing. One common mistake is to misplace modifiers. What is a misplaced modifier? Simply put, it’s a word or phrase put in the wrong place in a sentence. It will make a sentence confusing and illogical. Take for example, this converstion:

Me: “This morning, I passed a horse on the way to work.”
You: “Where does the horse work?”
Me: “No, the horse wasn’t going to work, I was. A policeman was riding the horse directing cars.”
You: “So the horse was directing cars?”
Me: “No! The policeman was directing the cars on the horse.”
You: “How were the cars on the horse?”

Ridiculous, right? The modifiers should be placed as close to whatever they describe or give information about. Like this: “This morning, on my way to work, I passed a horse.” And so forth. Notice…

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